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Freddy Weiss-The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography-70s Vintage-NEW DVD

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Product Description

Freddy Weiss

-The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography-NEW DVD

Freddy Weiss-The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography-70s Vintage-NEW DVD

not sealed as issued

Released by: Pink Flamingo Entertainment
Released on: October, 2011.
Director: Freddy Weiss
Cast: Various
Year: 1970-1974

DVD details:
Audio: Dolby 2.0
Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 4:3 fullscreen
Runtime: 84 min.
Region: 2

The Movies:

Freddy Weiss may not be a household name, in fact, even within the circles of vintage porno fans he’s pretty obscure but he ranks up there with other Danish porno pioneers like the prolific and influential Lasse Braun and Ole Ege (the man behind the awesome pornographic documentary, Pornografi). With that said, Pink Flamingo Entertainment have rescued an even dozen (most running roughly eight to ten minutes in length, give or take!) of the short films that he made for the adult film market in the early 1970s and released them now on one beautifully re-mastered DVD for the first time anywhere.

Weiss’ style, at least judging by these shorts, all originally made for Venus Films and Playgirl Film Production, is a playful one. The kink element of this material comes from things like shaving and three ways and interracial sex, never from rough stuff or bondage and as such it has a very lighthearted feel to it. For lack of a cornier term, this stuff is just plain fun.

Sure it’s dated and there’s all manner of seventies fashions and furniture to snicker at but sex has always been a pleasure in life and that comes across in this material. On top of that, all the girls are completely natural here, a nice change from modern day material where implants and other augmentation runs rampant, and the guys are almost always sporting rad disco dude moustaches! You get the impression that Weiss didn’t have to do much to get these folks to fuck on camera, as they’re all very obviously into the spirit of things and enjoying themselves quite a bit, which always translates into a more enjoyable home viewing experience.

So what will you find tucked away within the English language confines of this Danish Region 2 PAL DVD release? I’m glad you asked…

The Barbershop – Our first short shows us what happens when a pretty young lady pays a visit to a barbershop where the barber and his assistant decide it’s time to relieve our starlet of that pesky pubic hair. Shaving ensues, and then, of course, the three of them get it on.

Sucking Start – Keeping that grooming theme going, two lovely ladies head to a hair salon where they like what they see in the form of a hung hairdresser. They double team him and show off their oral skills – nicely done, ladies!

Madam’s Delight – A high society lady encourages her pretty black maid to feed her chocolate from a fancy box of candy. This turns her on so much that she just has to act out her lesbian fantasies and we get a rad interracial lesbian tryst that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Miss Butterfly – A sailor comes home from a long stint at sea and is greeted by the titular Miss Butterfly, who just can’t wait to show him how much she’s missed him. Given that this dude was at sea for a while it’s amazing he lasts as long as he does. High five, buddy!

Massage Parlor – A lucky guy heads to a massage parlor where he gets more than a rub down. But you probably knew that, just based on the title of this one. What else did you expect would happen in a porno short set in a massage parlor?

Doctor Sex – You’d think that this one would be about a doctor who gets it on with his patient, but nope, he’s got a foxy nurse to bone instead. He spies her in the buff and takes it upon himself to take her temperature with his meat thermometer!

Sex Kittens – Some lucky guy winds up in an apartment with three hot chicks that basically just attack him and screw his brains out. Poor bastard. He looks like he’s pretty upset by all of this. Wait, no, that’s not true, he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

Black Triangle – One guess as to this short’s theme… yep! It stars a black chick! When the short starts she and her dildo are getting reacquainted when a white dude and his girlfriend walk in. A three way ensues and Denmark is made a more racially tolerant society for their efforts.

Lusty Nurses – When two dudes have to stop their chess game because one guy is hurt, the other guy looks out the peephole in his door and sees a pair of nurses outside. He lets them in and, as the title implies, these nurses turn out to be of the lusty variety and they have a nice little gangbang which evidently has healing properties for our ailing chess player.

Sex Bar – A sexy blonde girl works the bar when a couple comes in for a drink. As they look around the bar they get all hot and bothered by the swank decorations and all the booze and so they start to get it on. Will the hot blonde bartender join in? No spoilers here, punk!

Lady Lovesport – A very pretty brunette with a bob cut plays with herself, waiting for her boyfriend to show up. Will he show up and bone her? The suspense is killing you! Even if he doesn’t, this girl is good enough at what she does that we all win. No idea who this chick is but she’s got a very cool and very atypical look to her that helps her stand out on this disc.

Trio Sex – Last but not least, this short shows us what happens when a couple listen to another woman play the piano. Well, the music sets the mood and the lady decides to gobble her man’s cock while the piano player tinkles away at the ivories before joining in.

All in all, this is a great collection of vintage fuck films for the porno fan in your household. Shot with an eye for sexy talent and provocative compositions and with a very obvious air of enjoyment about it all, this collection will tighten your pants and make you giggle at the same time. Watch it with someone you love have fun with it – here’s hoping future volumes in this series are released sooner rather than later.


Pink Flamingo’s disc doesn’t say what elements were used for this transfer but whether they were negatives or prints doesn’t really matter because these shorts look beautiful on this DVD. There are a few that look a little worse for wear and some emulsion scratches and heavy damage obviously couldn’t be completely removed but by and large the fullframe transfers are clean, colorful and very detailed. All vintage smut should look this good!

These shorts were shot without sound but there is a soundtrack put overtop of the material courtesy of composer Alex Puddo. It sounds clean, clear and appropriately bouncy and it suits the material well presented here in Dolby Digital 2.0.

Extras are slim, limited only to film selection and a text piece advertising the soundtrack which is for sale from Schema Records. Inside the case, however, is a booklet of liner notes from Nicolas Barbano which provide some welcome background information on Freddy Weiss, discuss the history of his career and make a good case for the importance of his work within the context of the Danish adult film industry and the adult film industry at large.


Cast: various
Director: Freddy Weiss
Production: Danmark 1970-1974
EAN: 5709498050096
Release date: November 2011 (Cat. no. PFE0009)

The Golden Age of Danish Pornography is a coll ection of vintage 8mm hardcore films from the 70s � directed by Danish Porn Pioneer Freddy Weiss. In the 70s Weiss started making his own pornographic films and released them in series such as Playgirl and Venus Films. Considered as �lost films� for decades Pink Flamingo Entertainment have finally unearthed the original negatives of many of these classic films and are proud to present them on DVD.

1.The Barbershop: The skilled barber understands the most intimate desires of his female clients.

2. Sucking Start: A visit to the hair salon quickly evolves into a stimulating s�ance, as two horny girls demonstrate their talents to a well-groomed hairdresser.

3. Madam�s Delight: A beautiful young mistress is served chocolate from a box by her pretty brownskin maid, when she gets randy.

4. Miss Butterfly: After a long and tiresome journey at sea, Jimmy the Sailor is welcomed by the horny Miss Butterfly.

5. The Massage Parlor: This fascinating film documents a slice of everyday life in a house of pleasure.

6. Doctor Sex: A doctor gets excited at the sight of his nubile assistant exposing her beautiful body. She lets out his throbbing manhood and they engage in an examination of each other.

7. Sex Kittens: In this exquisitely erotic film three beautiful girls and a young man join forces in a horny quadrangle.

8. Black Triangle: A black beauty is in bed playing with a dildo when she is joined by a horny young couple. The three engage in a hot threesome where no one is left out.

9. Lusty Nurses: Two friends are playing chess. One of them is in pain from wounds, when two lovely nurses come to the rescue.

10. Sex Bar: A young couple visit a sex bar hosted by a hot young blonde. They are both turned on by the stylish d�cor.

11. Lady Lovesport: Young Janice is impatiently awaiting her sporty boyfriend, trying to ease the tension by playing with herself.

12. Trio Sex: Rosy and Bert are enjoying an idyllic afternoon, listening to young Virginia playing the piano. The music inspires Rosy to start pleasing her husband orally.

The films were originally recorded and released without sound. However, to ensure your viewing pleasure we have added a suitably sleazy soundtrack to this deluxe DVD edition, composed by vintage porn aficionado Alex Puddu.The soundtrack is available from Schema Records.

Check out a few excerpts from the soundtrack below!

DVD details:
Audio: Dolby 2.0
Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 4:3 fullscreen
Runtime: 84 min.
Region: 2
Classification: adults only
Extras: none

Category: Retro.

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