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Zenerik Yenesis release


Zenerik Yeneƨis


Greek Avantgarde "Krautjazz"

Zenerik Yeneƨis

Available on

-Sealed 180 gr vinyl LP, hand-numbered, limited edition of 250 copies

-digipack cd with insert , 3 bonus tracks and alternate cover colour





Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz ,Progressive Rock , Improvisation , Psychedelic Jazz , Experimental

Free-jazz with cosmic atmosphere.

An amalgam of progressive-jazz-psychedelic-folk music, featuring freeform compositions blended with moog and brass sounds, creating a soundtrack atmosphere combining avant-garde, jazz and space elements.

Exploring facets of hyparxis with an improvisational feeling, the Zenerik project heads straight into a 70`s krautrock inspired vision of jazz delivering an impressive result!

180 gr vinyl, limited edition of 250 numbered copies

''Greek combo Zenerik cook up an avant-garde blend of minimalist jazz/psychedelia and the resulting dish is a flavoursome if perhaps acquired taster of Gong bashing out Eric Dolphy’s free jazz (anti) classic “Out To Lunch”. If that sounds a little weird then it’s because it probably is but it also works, especially “Deliverance”, the most fully formed of the five main entities here and which grooves along beautifully with a mellowing lope, the various reeds playing to subtle and quite mesmerising effect over a steady rhythm, supplemented by some gentle moog and melodic guitar. The CD contains three bonus tracks – or to be more precise, three versions of a composition entitled “Fear”, all good.'' (Ian Fraser)